Thomas Dunn Learning Center

Become A Community Partner


TDLC values partnerships with other organizations that allow us to expand the variety of classes and events we have available to the community.  We recognize the wonderful and innovative approaches that our partners have to programming that fits our mission and want to give them the space to expand their reach and refine what they do.  Our partnerships include brand new and well-established non-profit organizations, community civic groups, clubs, governmental agencies, and individual instructors and volunteers.

Our goals in creating Community Partnerships include:

  • Growing our mission: “We enrich lives through engaging learning experiences.  Our partnerships promote individual growth and enhance the community’s quality of life.”
  • Doing more together than we can do individually as organizations
  • Giving community members space to meet for the purpose of civic engagement, personal learning, advocacy, sharing knowledge and experience, etc
  • Becoming a satellite location for established programming and organizations
  • Assisting promising, new organizations that are getting off the ground by giving them a low-cost space in which to operate a class or program
  • Providing meeting space for professional development training for agencies that serve our community
  • Providing space for free, educational experiences for community members
  • Providing a space to teach for community members who want to share their professional expertise and knowledge with others
  • Facilitate networking of our Community Partners to better serve our community through coalition building and further partnerships

Note: TDLC does NOT engage in the promotion of an individual political candidate or party.  It also does not engage in proselytizing religious beliefs or opinions.  This does not restrict our ability to host facilitated debates and conversations regarding important issues, political or otherwise, that impact residents and voters.

If you are seeking out a location for a one-time event or want to learn more about using our space, visit the “Rent Our Facilities” page.

Our Community Partners are typically those that seek to do one or more of the following:

  • Use our facility on an ongoing basis for a community class, event, or meeting
  • Create a formal referral partnership with TDLC Program Managers
  • Establish a payment or barter arrangement for use of the facility
  • Agree to and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Join our Youth Provider Coalition 

We partner with a number of individuals and organizations to offer classes and programs.  See our current list of partners below.